for us, it’s all about the charity

Our clients take a professional, committed and enthusiastic approach to fund raising and our objective is to offer expert auctioneering with the same level of dedication.

We aim to ensure that the charity benefits from the event as fully
as possible and that the guests leave feeling that they have had a
great time.

In order to achieve this objective, we firmly believe that comprehensive preparation, skilled execution and meticulous follow up to the auction is essential in ensuring the very best feel and outcome for an event.



Preparing for a successful auction involves more than selecting some items that have been promised and finding someone who may feel capable of performing in front of an audience. We have knowledge and experience on how to design your auction so that the order of items builds interest and momentum and the event runs smoothly and profitably.



Successful execution of an auction is born from experience, expertise and the ability to manage the dynamics of the room. We ensure we know the items up for auction, create the right atmosphere and work the energy to optimise the potential value from each lot. Using professional techniques to unlock more value can make a difference.

Follow up


During and after the auction the successful bids need to be recorded, followed through and administered. Too often the administration can be overlooked and ends up being managed hastily and without proper process. We ensure you have the right mechanisms to follow up on the successful bidders and complete the allocation of funds quickly and efficiently after your event.

Caroline Blyth


Caroline Court, (formerly Blyth), became Christie’s first female auctioneer in London in 1987 and worked with the company at their head office in King Street for over ten years.

Specialising in Islamic and Indian Art sales, she travelled extensively around the world and was instrumental in organizing Christie’s first sale of Indian Art in New York. As well as taking many different auctions in London, she was also involved in conducting sales in Hong Kong.

Caroline has been involved with charity auctions throughout her career both in the UK and overseas. This has included an auction sponsored by The Taj Group of Hotels in Bombay to sell works by Contemporary Indian artists; one of the first to be held of their work in India.

Caroline's professional background, the first lady auctioneer at one of the world’s greatest art auction houses, gives her a unique insight into what’s needed to turn your fundraiser into a really memorable highlight. I have watched her taking complicated and high-profile auctions on many occasions, and I respect her skill and enthusiasm. It’s not just her proven ability to encourage bidders to support your cause, by teasing that extra bid which they were hesitating about. It’s her assistance with careful preparation before the event...

AUCTIONEER AND ART EXPERT an expert professional auctioneer, Caroline is as comfortable with 1,200 guests at a fundraiser in Grosvenor House’s Great Room as she is with 120 in a saleroom...